Structural Adaptations

Structural adaptation
 Avoiding predators
Every one knows about zebras infamous stripes, but why are they really there? The animals that hunt the zebra happen to be colour blind. So if the whole scenery is in black and white the Grevy zebra would blend in. Say your hunting a Grevy zebras and all you see in a bunch of blended black and white you would have no reason to suspect a zebra there without any movement. The zebra is pretty much like a horse but because of it's predator it has adapted to blend in with the scenery.
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Zebras got there stripes for another reason as well. When running in there herds with there young they do that to protect them because there stripes blend together giving an optical illusion that it is one large zebra making it harder for the lion to pick one out. At times the lion is even to scared to attack because they are scared of it's size.
Male Zebras have pointed canine teeth usually only found on meat eaters. They are to fight for when they battle for mates.
Where I got the zebra information
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Adaptations for resources
Grevy Zebras bodys have adapted so that in times of scarce food they don't have to eat for about three days. That is the same with water, In fact they are the zebra's who can best withstand it.
Grevy Zebras have big thick tongues and flat teeth with the exception of males. It is so they can eat many different kinds of grass and basically whatever they can.
Grevy Zebras have large canine teeth to fight for there land.

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